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Alder is a clean, simple and minimal responsive blogger template with some great features like label based carousel, popular post, dropdown menu, instagram widget and many more.

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Alder is a responsive, modern, simple and easy to use of the blogger Blog template. Alder Blogger template is an perfect choice for lifestyle bloggers, travelers, cooks, writers, photographers and those who want to create a beautiful and clean blog. It has a minimalistic layout that focuses on simplicity and readability. Crafted on a foundation of solid coding and bolstered with plentiful color, background, and general blogger customization option. It comes with nice typography by default and also you can use custom typography too in this template. Very suitable for writers and everyone who like writing or blogging. Alder is supported by the Blogger template Customizer, you can quickly and easily change the color combination of your blog. Alder comes with some of the best features like Stlylish Featured Post Carousel, Minimal Popular Post, Multilevel Dropdown Menu menu, Email Subscription, instagram widget and many more. Check some more awesome features of the Alder Blogger Template

Features Availability
Responsive True Check
Google Testing Tool Validator True Check
SEO Friendly True Check
Mobile Friendly True Check
404 page True Check
Loading Speed True Check
Featured Carousel True
Clean & Minimalist design True
Advance Admin Panel True
Unlimited Colors(Customizable) True
Ads Ready True
Two types of menu True
Multi Dropdown Menu True
Featured Instagram Widget True
Social Widgets True
Auto Read More with Thumbnail True
Related Posts with Thumbnail True
Social Share Button True
Email Newsletter Widget True
Stylish Comments Widgets True
Built in Search Widget True
Detailed Documentation True Check
Widget Codes (Premium) True

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  1. Hi, in all my post, I see my "About (my name)", but i cant change the description under that. Please Help.

    1. We have mentioned that in our documentation please follow that.

    2. Yes, now its ok.
      But, at the time when I share an article on any social media page, i see a text that isnt from the article.
      How can i change that ?

    3. You have to modify the Social media Meta tags according to your blog.

  2. The featured slider doesn't work on my website. I input the HTML code as shown in the manual but no luck. please help.

    1. Solved!! Recent Post, Featured Post, Slider, Random Post, Related Post Not Working

  3. Hi, I've followed the instructions to use the Instagram widget however it's coming up with 6 extra photos that aren't mine - how can I fix this?

  4. Hi overthrew!
    I had some troubles to use your Instagram widget, I placed the correct codes into my html field, but it doesn't work!!

  5. Hello! There're some questions that i would to ask with you.
    1. could you help me to share 'about' ( The one with Jack Sparrow biography) link ? because i've been doing something wrong with that link, so can i?
    2. And how edit the categories
    3. The last what's the benefit of AD BANNER
    thanks a lot for this awesome template. i like it so much, you helped me a lot. GBU and it would be nice if you can answer my questions. Thanks again!

    1. 1. What do you want to know about jack sparrow?
      2. Where you want to edit categories
      3. Ad Banner is for displaying ads on your blog.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. It's only available with premium version.

  7. Hi,
    On the Categories cloud label widget, when you select one of the labels that selected label change to a completely different style. Is there any way to change that in the code?
    Many thanks!

    1. What kind of style do you want ?

    2. hmmmm.... maybe the same with the mouse on hover would be fine. :-)

    3. Don't worry. I've already found the way to do it.
      Thanks! :-)

  8. Hi, the responsive function is working very well on home page but not when I enter a post (The images there get distort).However in the demo it works well, why the responsive function for images in 'an open post' does not work when I install it? thank you

    1. Use Original Size setting while uploading the images.

  9. Please, how can I change the image of the "about me" at the SIDEBAR and the one at the FOOTER? I'm also having difficulty editing the social link for the aforementioned areas......please help me.'s my blog

  10. Great template.
    I made a complain about the SIDEBAR ABOUT ME and FOOTER ABOUT ME, I've been able to change the image now, so I'm all cool with the setup.
    But the issue now is, when you view my site on your mobile phone it doesn't show/display the FOOTER MENU.
    Is there any solution to this?

    1. Menu has been intentionally hidden in mobile version.

  11. Hi! I love your template but I still have issues with the About The Author Part under every post. I looked at your Documentation and tried the steps to delete it but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
    My blog url is
    Thanks for answering!

    1. Search with small piece of text.

    2. I tried that as well and just searched templatesyard or other parts but I couldn't find anything...

    3. Have you removed the widget?

  12. Hi there! I love your blog! However a few things aren't working for me. Firstly, the slider is still not showing up even after I followed the technique that you showed someone else on this thread. Then the width on my page seems to be off - is there anyway that I can change the amount of padding on the sides of the webpage? Lastly the about e doesn't line up with my first blog post (this may just be because the slider isn't working, but I thought I'd still ask).

    thanks in advance!
    - Avalon from

    1. If you have read the thread, then we hope you already know that it madatory to ad atleast one label to every post, which your blog doesn't have. so we recommend you to read the documentation carefully then follow this if it won't work.

  13. Hello. Even if I edit my description on HTML tags,it still doesn't shoe when I share my posts on blogger to facebook.
    Thank you.

    1. Its because of the meta description and you have to change it manually from html code.

    2. I already did that but it didn't change anything. The post shared still had the "Your Description Here". So I just changed it back. I'll try with the new post.

    3. Check here it is showing your description.