Eleganto Responsive Minimal Blogger Template

Eleganto is a premium looking responsive blogger template with clean and elegant layout, equipped with seo plugins and featured widgets.

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Eleganto is a very clean and elegant looking, simple responsive Blogger Template with professional and robust layout, you can use this template for any blog but this template is mostly suitable for news, magazine, fashion and tech niche blogs. Eleganto blogger template is 100% responsive and it is also compatible with most of the modern browsers, we have installed some valuable Seo plugins to make it more SEO friendly in comparison of other blogger templates. Eleganto is preloaded with features like navigation menu, featured post slider, customized commenting system and more.Following are some of the key features of the Eleganto Blogger Template.


  • Responsiveness
  • Advance Admin layout
  • Easy To Customize
  • SEO Friendly
  • Featured Slider
  • Special Ad Spot
  • Shortcodes
  • Many More..
Responsive-Blogger Template
100% Pure Responsive:
Eleganto Blogger template is 100% responsive and it have the capability to fit to any screen size or device.
Most Advance Admin Layout
Most Advance Layout:
We have developed the most advanced admin layout for blogger which will help you to customize your template in an easy way.
Click Here to Check The Screeshot of Admin panel
Compatible with blogger template designer
Customizable with Blogger Template Designer:
Eleganto is 100% compatible with blogger template designer, you can customize anything in this template without knowing any programming languages like (HTML, Css etc.....). You can create your own new designs and color combinations. just give it a try.
Seo Ready for Better Traffic
Better SEo Optimization:
Eleganto Blogger template is perfectly designed to perform better in search engine traffic and we have added some seo plugins to boost your blog traffic.
Pre installed Featured post slider Widgets
Loaded with Featured Widgets:
We have installed an elegant looking featured post slider widget in the homepage to showcase important posts and it will also help your blog to reduce bounce rate immediately.
Post ads into blogger post page
Directly insert ads into post from the layout:
We have added a special widget so that you can insert any advertisement directly into the post page from the layout. As easy as breathing.
Pre installed blogger shortcodes
Loaded with Variety of shortcodes:
We have added different kinds of shortcodes in the template for easy to add variety of stuffs like buttons, video, images and many more.
New and Extra Features for blogger
Some Extra stuffs:
Eleganto Magazine Blogger template is loaded with lots of other features like advance comment system, elegant subscribe box, social plugins, search widget, custom 404 page, extra ad spots.

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  1. I bought the premium version of this template and it was easy to install and update. When I had questions about some of the code and customizing it for my site, the developers were very quick to respond and always provided a solid solution for me. Highly recommended.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Matters a lot :)

  2. Hey,

    I have popular posts with thumbnails and widget where is social icons (share) and when I go to homepage icons and thumbnails not showing, but when I refresh the site (f5) images showing? Then I go to other pages and all seems fine, but then I go again homepage images disappeared and I need to refresh whole page to see social icons and thumbnails...

    What's wrong with the site?

    1. That is happening because of the lazyload function which is conflicting with popular post we have updated the file please download it.

    2. What part of code it is? Because I have my custom code too and I don't want to replace whole file. Thank you :)

    3. In your template search for </head>

      You will see a script

      <script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
      You have to delete
      This entire code

      Delete this whole script

  3. I just did a fresh download of the free version of this template on a clean blogspot site and it doesn't look like all the styling is falling into place. I believe I have followed the steps of the install correctly. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. After installing the template please follow our documentation to make your blog just like the demo.

      Note:- In the free version you will not get some widget codes.

    2. For sure, I've already followed the steps in the documentation. The main thing is that it seems like some of the css isn't compiling correctly - there are rules like "background:$menubgcolor;" which aren't being replaced with the actual variable values. Wanted to give a test run with the free version before thinking about buying the full version.

    3. Just checked our files the variables are working perfectly. But the customizer will not work until you enable the mobile template.

    4. The variables looked like they were working inside of the blogger preview tool, but when I visited the actual url of the blogspot the variables had clearly not applied. I manually edited the css to include the relevant variables in the appropriate places, which definitely worked, but the process seems to have broken the layout customizer. All the "edit" buttons are hidden, and, when manually shown, they do not work as expected.

      I have followed the instructions of the documentation file several times in the attempt to do a clean install, and nothing seems to be getting it out of this broken state.

    5. Can you share you blog url because we have tested the variable function in our demo blog and its working absolutely fine.

    6. Thanks for following up on this so intently! The url is currently https://testingtestersons.blogspot.com/

    7. Please check whether you have enabled the mobile template or not.


    8. Yes, I have already disabled the mobile template. I've tried enabling it and disabling it on several different mobile template option settings as well.

      One quirky thing to note is that the "Live on Blog" preview on the Template page looks like things have applied correctly, but then on the actual blog it looks radically different.

    9. Contact us through our contact page for advance help :)

    10. Just in case anyone reads down this far:

      The good folks at Templates Yard reached out to me to troubleshoot the issue 1 on 1. It appears as though it was some kind of really strange, one-time, blogger platform issue. Installing the template on additional clean application installations resolved the issue and I'm good to go! Great folk, and I'm really thankful they took the time to work through the issue with me!

  4. Maybe it would be better if the sidebar moves follow the screen

    1. Do you want sticky sidebar in this template.

  5. With great support from you at Templates Yard I've fine tuned my Blog at http://www.digitalskole.no Thank you for a awesome template and great help!

  6. how to remove footer credits, i have apply all codes

    1. If you have premium version, then only you can remove credits.