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Seo Blog Blogger template is specially designed and optimized to perform best and top off the level in search engines. It contains tons of SEO plugin to enhance your blog rankings and generate high earnings.

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Seo Blog is the best SEO optimized blogger template available in 2017. Seo blog is one of our finest creation and made with perfection keeping only one thing in mind and that is SEO. This template is perfect choice for Tech bloggers, lifestyle and News bloggers, Niche Blogs, a business or personal. From Fashion, to Travel, to Food, this multipurpose template will fit any blog niche. it has a clean and simple layout design crafted with perfectly optimized coding. with lots of pre-installed widgets Seo Blog boost your blog traffic and generates quality organic traffic your content so that you can take your blog upto next level. Seo Blog is the most efficient and well coded blogger template, we have made till now. Whether its a loading speed, SEO results, Schema Markup Validation or Responsiveness, It has the capability to achieve higher in any standards and will always get highest scores. Just like our every previous template, it also achieves highest scores in SEO checking. Following are some of the key features of the Florence Blogger Template.


  • Responsiveness
  • Advance Admin layout
  • Easy To Customize
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ads Ready
  • Featured Post
  • Many More..
Responsive-Blogger Template
100% Pure Responsive:
Seo Blog Blogger template is 100% responsive and it have the capability to fit to any screen size or device.
Most Advance Admin Layout
Most Advance Layout:
We have developed the most advanced admin layout for blogger which will help you to customize your template in an easy way.
Compatible With Blogger Template Customizer
Customizable with Blogger Template Designer:
Seo Blog is 100% compatible with blogger template designer, you can customize Primary color in this template without knowing any programming languages like (HTML, Css etc.....). You can create your own new designs and color combinations. just give it a try.
Seo Ready for Better Traffic
Better SEo Optimization:
Seo Blog Blogger template is specially focused and perfectly designed to perform better in search engine traffic and we have added some seo plugins to boost your blog traffic. It Score Perfect 100% in seo test.
Post ads into blogger post page
Ads Optimized:
We have added a special widget so that you can insert any advertisement directly into blog directly from the layout. As easy as breathing.
Pre installed blogger Featured Widgetr
Loaded with Featured Widget:
We have installed an elegant looking featured post widget widget in the sidebar to showcase important posts and it will also help your blog to reduce bounce rate immediately.
New and Extra Features for blogger
Some Extra stuffs:
Seo Blog Blogger template is loaded with lots of other features like Multi Level Dropdown Menu, advance comment system, Elegant subscription Widget, social plugins, custom 404 page, extra ad spots.

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  1. How to add widget "ads-posting" after post 1 at homepage ?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience you faced, we have updated the template xml file, download it and apply it on your blog.

      Access your blog Layout > click Edit link on ads posting widget.

      Add your code in the blank space.

      Click Save.

    2. Here is an image example for your help.


  2. I will try free version of this templete

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    1. Stop spamming, this not the right place to do so.

  4. Hi, I wanted a closer look at your "Seo Blog Responsive blogger Template", but the free version link isn't working.

    1. The download link is working absolutely fine.

    2. Hi, sorry, but I still get a 'Not Found Error 404', when I click the free download link from Chrome. I'm directed to this:
      I tried IE also. I get a similar HTTP 404 Not found message.

      I've tried downloading some of your other templates, just to see if they worked. They do.

      Maybe you can try to reproduce the error from an incognito browser?

    3. Sorry for the inconvenience you faced, we have updated the link kindly download it from there.Thanks for letting us know about this matter.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. These template performs really bad for me. It automatically add all images from widget posts in single posts page which reduce my page speed ridiculously. Please fix these isssue. I have screen shots of google page speed insight of your demo blog also. But can't upload here.

    1. It only add those images to that post which belongs to post it self, not from other post and the reason for that insight score is because we are using high resolution images and insight advice us to use compressed version. Hope you understand.

    2. I am so sorry, I don't want to hurt your reputation. I am a php developer and I just wants to inform you that, something wrong with your featured widget ajax call. It loads all the images in their own dimension rather than loading only desired first image. As I am not so familiar with javascript yet, so simply removing those tabbed featured widget results all error gone. But these should not be the right way.

    3. i think you are confused with something or may be misunderstood the thing because it is loading one image at a time for each post.

  7. I bought this template and I'm happy because the customer service is top notch. I give 5 star because the designer lead me through steps to fully customize it. I look forward to buy more from you. Thank you brother.

  8. Hello
    First, thank you for this template, it's great
    In fact, I apologize, because I used the free version of the rule of my potential
    Astvillar mind the things I have regard to the existing Recent "Posts and" "Featured post" How you can activate this tool so that I can see the articles inside

    1. Follow the documentation we have mentioned how to add both of them.

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    1. Stop spamming, this not the right place to do so.

  10. I need help. I come from Vietnam and I want to buy your template but my country can not buy. why?

    1. If gumroad is not working in your country then try to make payment to our paypal. then message us for the template.

      Pay Here Pay $10 for your template

  11. hi, good template, but the post title is set up for 36 characters only. it doesn't show the full title could you solve please

    1. In your free template search for this code

      $(document).ready(function(){$('.post h2 a').each(function(){var txt=$(this).text().substr(0,70);var j=txt.lastIndexOf(' ');if(j>10)

      Change the value 70, 10

  12. And in the case of the related post How I do to show the full title. It is showing incomplete with this "...".

    1. If you are using a free version then its not possible.